6 Things Home Buyers Want You to Know (But Won’t Tell You)

Are you frustrated by mixed signals from home buyers? Now you can finally know what they want you to know—and close more business because of it. Here’s what buyers won’t tell you (but you can easily find out with the help of an experienced company that understands real estate):

1. I stopped returning your calls a year ago—but I started looking again.
2. You’re still talking about 3BR ramblers, but as of last week I’m thinking about a condo.
3. I think I might be ready to get pre-approved.
4. I am tired of endless searching: I just want listings that match my needs by email.
5. I AM reading your email.
6. I need your help.

How do you read their minds? You don’t need a sixth sense—just a few powerful online tools that help you communicate better and see what homes they’re looking at. To learn more about tools like these, click here. You’ll also receive a free 2010 Business Plan to see the smarter way to know what they’re thinking, plus get a complimentary business consultation.

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  1. Doug Francis says:

    this is on the mark since people are tired of searching endlessly and do need help.

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