In NY, open houses are entertainment

From a story in today’s NY Post:

Only 41 percent of the people who go to open houses in Manhattan and Brooklyn are serious buyers — and many admit to snooping in owners’ closets, checking out their shoes and even reading notes on their refrigerators, according to a new survey.

Ever happened to you?

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2 Responses to In NY, open houses are entertainment

  1. Lenn Harley says:

    HA! If 41% of shoppers were serious, that would be a successful statistic.

    Good grief. Buying a piece of real estate isn’t like buying a pair of shoes. It appears that window shopping is just fine for everything offered for sale EXCEPT an expensive piece of real estate where the purchaser is expecting to live for many years.

    41% is a fantastic statistic to measure serious home buyers and I doubt the validity of that statistic. The article appears to me to be opinion based and not fact based.

    It is contemptuous of the home buying consumers to think that they have nothing more wortwhile to do with their time than tour open houses and snoop. If sellers don’t want the notes on the refrigerator read, take them down. If sellers and listing agents don’t understand that not all home buying visitors are going to LOVE that house, don’t hold it open.

    Have a little respect for the home buying consumer.

  2. I gave up doing open houses because of so many tire kickers coming through. They get decorating ideas and “research” home prices in their neighborhoods by going through open houses.

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