Now’s your chance to sign up to volunteer with VAR.  Need a reason to volunteer your time?  We’ll give you three (and it starts with making more money):

It’s simple, really: The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.

If you want to know more than your competitors, it’s simply not enough to read the news, blogs and (shameless plug) Commonwealth magazine — anyone can do that. You need to make bigger commitment: to dive deep into discussions with your peers and discover tomorrow’s issues before they become today’s issues.

And that’s why volunteering with VAR works for you. When you volunteer with VAR, you hear and talk about stuff that will affect your business — before the competition does. 

Need some more reasons? Here are two bonus perks:

  • When you volunteer with VAR, you get to represent your local area in policy decisions that affect you and your clients. Volunteering with VAR is the only way to assure that the concerns of your local area are heard in VAR policy deliberations.
  • You’ll network with Virginia’s best and brightest real estate pros when you’re on a VAR committee. VAR has an elaborate volunteer selection process, and our leadership appoints only the most qualified brokers and agents. Competition for seats is tough, and the quality of people on VAR’s committees is top-tier. You’ll learn from and get to know some of the most exceptional Realtors in Virginia by volunteering.

And if you’re a broker, you owe it to yourself to urge your agents to volunteer with VAR. Why wouldn’t you want an army of more knowledgeable, better trained, better networked agents working for you?

Click here to volunteer with VAR today.