How to Use Social Media to Meet Home Buyers

As you may know, social media is now a leading way for motivated agents like yourself to meet active home buyers. While the cost of social media (free—or almost) makes it a highly attractive technique to build your sphere, it can also be time consuming. Here are a few tips for managing your time.

First, if you’ve already dived into the busy and active world of social media marketing, congratulations! You’re ahead of the curve and have already discovered the high ROI it can provide.

If you’re just starting out in social media, the smartest way to explore and learn is in steps. Pick one media to start—such as Facebook, ActiveRain, your blog, etc. Give yourself a day or two to learn it, then slowly add others.

Schedule a little time for it daily, weekly, monthly—if you don’t, you may procrastinate. And if there’s one thing about social media, it’s that it moves quickly. You need to be continually updating your social media presence to grow your sphere and stay top of mind with buyers.

Post a reminder of all your social media tasks near your computer. The Agent Powerhouse Kit includes a helpful social media cheatsheet so you’re never at a loss for what you need to do to use social media to grow your sphere—and your income. It also includes tips on Internet marketing and more. Click here to receive your complimentary Agent Powerhouse Kit now.

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  1. On social media networks, you can post latest video, photos and complete description about your properties. People will see it and would be able to contact you.

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