Even though the thaw is beginning, you can get a better understanding of the foreclosure freeze brought on by the national robo-signing scandal (click here to see how they’re affecting Virginia) in a 60 minute webinar from NAR on Thursday, October 28 at 3 p.m. EDT. Your presenters will cover:

  1. Judicial vs. non-judicial foreclosures: Why does the distinction matter? 
  2. Is purchase of an owner’s title policy necessary for buyer protection? Why doesn’t regular title insurance protect the buyer in these cases? 
  3. Under what circumstance can a buyer of a foreclosed home lose that home if the foreclosure wasn’t processed correctly? Does the distinction between judicial and non-judicial foreclosure come into play here? 
  4. Foreclosure rules differ in each state, but are there general rules that apply in all cases? 
  5. What are the latest developments among banks and regulators on the foreclosure freezes?

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