All right, ladies and gents — the time is here. Blog Brawl 5 begins.

Well, sort of. Before we really begin we need contestants. That would be you.

For those of you who missed last year’s Brawl, here’s how it works: Real estate blogs from around the country will compete to be the World U.S. RE Blogging Champion!

Blog-Brawl-5-LogoHow do they compete? We ain’t sayin’ — not yet. In past years it’s been everything from a simple popularity contest (VARbuzz visitors are asked to “Vote for your favorite blog”) to video competition to professionally-judged art.

This year will be something similar, but something different.

First things first…

Nominate your favorite real estate blog. Yes, it can be your own.


  • The owner/main writer is a Realtor (yes, we’ll be checking);
  • The blog is primarily focused on real estate;
  • It’s been updated regularly for the past month (doesn’t have to be every day, but you should know what “regularly” means);
  • There are no monkeys or seahorses on the front page;
  • We receive the nomination by 11:59 p.m. EST on Tuesday, November 30, 2010. UPDATE: Extended to December 31, 2010.

Just send a note to me ( Tell me who you are, what firm you’re with, and your blog’s address. It can be self hosted, part of your company site, on Active Rain, whatever.

If we get more than 32 nominations, the first 32 we receive are in.

Once we get the contestants lined up, we’ll tell you how it’s gonna go down — there will be four rounds. Maybe it will be elimination, maybe it will be cumulative points… you’ll just have to wait and see. We’ll say this: Multimedia skills (yours or someone you know’s) will probably come into play, as will an ability to do SEO.

You see, in honor of the holiday season, this Blog Brawl is gonna be all about traffic.

And prizes, you ask? Please. You’re not in it for the prizes. But since you asked, let’s just say that we’ll be giving away some cool stuff. (Some we have already, others we’re negotiating.) Come on, this is VARbuzz. We always have cool prizes.

All will be revealed in the first week of January!

Are you ready?