VOTE: Tues., Nov. 2 is Election Day

It’s important to vote. You already knew that. But as government and the housing market have become increasingly intertwined over the past few years, your vote for a candidate has actually become more important than ever before: Your vote has become a vote for your paycheck, your income, your way of life.

Think about the important real estate votes that have been taken since the last election. Did you earn a commission from a transaction that involved the Homebuyer Tax Credit? That’s just one example of how government involvement in the housing market affects Realtors.

You owe it to yourself to support candidates who support your ability to make a good living in real estate. The RPAC of Virginia Trustees, made up of Virginia Realtors just like you, endorsed candidates after carefully reviewing their voting records on real estate issues. Check out RPAC of Virginia’s endorsements and remember to vote on Tuesday, November 2.

Vote for your paycheck. Vote for the RPAC endorsed candidate in your district.

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