Video Q&A on the REALTOR Code of Ethics

Can a buyer’s agent use the terms of the purchase contract to negotiate a fee change? This question is one of the most commonly asked on VAR’s Legal Hotline, and is also the subject of the first installment in a series of The Code is Good Business videos that you can use to quiz yourself (or your agents) on the finer points of the REALTOR Code of Ethics. 

Check out the first video in the series for the answer to this question, complete with commentary from one of VAR’s staff attorneys. It’s formatted in a multiple-choice format, so it’ll make a great pop quiz at your next sales meeting.

Check out the full series of videos by clicking here.

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One Response to Video Q&A on the REALTOR Code of Ethics

  1. Tina Merritt says:

    Great video Blake! I just had this happen this week. Unfortunately, in Hampton Roads, there are many licensees who aren’t REALTORS, this will continue to be an issue.

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