Call for Action: Stop re-taxing homeowners!

A piece of legislation is being considered that you should be aware of, as a Realtor® and as an advocate for Virginia property owners.

It’s a bill that would eliminate the recordation tax from property refinances, thereby allowing Virginia property owners to refinance at a lower cost, saving them in these hard economic times hundreds of dontretaxmuch-needed dollars.

But in Virginia property owners may also have to pay a recordation tax on that refinance.

Under current Virginia law, refinancing a property loan can cost property owners hundreds, even thousands of dollars in recordation taxes.  And with so many property owners in danger of losing their properties or going ‘upside down’ on their mortgages, it’s unfair that they are taxed again when they’re trying to refinance to keep their properties or reduce their costs.

These days, refinancing a mortgage is a great way to take advantage of rock-bottom interest rates and save property owners on monthly payments. If Virginia property owners are facing foreclosure, refinancing their

mortgages can help them save their properties by their locking in lower rates and monthly payments.

Later this week, property owners across from Virginia will be sent an e-mail asking them to visit a Web page with a calculator that will show how much tax they would pay on a refinanced loan — that is, how much money they stand to lose if this bill does not pass. They’re then asked to contact their legislators and ask them to vote YES to eliminating the refinance tax. As a property owner, we hope you will visit this site and contact your legislators. Thank you in advance.

Now, as a Realtor® and protector of property owners, please go to the Realtor Action Center, fill out the short form, and ask your legislators to vote YES to House Bill 1908 and Senate Bill 780, which will eliminate this recordation tax on property refinances.

(Note: If you follow the link from the e-mail you should have received on this topic, most of the form will already be filled in for you.)

Taking action on this issue only takes a couple of clicks and a couple of seconds. It’s good for property owners, and it’s good for the economy.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


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  1. I understand that these are hard times with a high unemployment rate and that the politicians need to get money from somewhere. But, getting money from homeowners is not the way towards and economic recovery. This is what will extend the economic rut we are in.

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