Google lets you map foreclosures

Google has added foreclosures to Google Maps as part of its real estate listings.

It’s easy to use: In Google Maps, just put in an address or browse to the area you’re interested in. On the right side, click the "More" button and select Real estate:


That will show all the real estate listings in the area. Then just tick "Foreclosure" on the left side:


Presto! Your map is filled with foreclosure listings. Hover over a dot for more info:


Or double-click for even more detail:


Ain’t databases fun?

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6 Responses to Google lets you map foreclosures

  1. This a good tool for many listing companies and new agents trying to catch leads!

  2. Yes, this is an awesome online tools that can help a lot in trcking back the foreclosures properties. In that way, broker, seller and buyer can easily come up with the places of those properties.

  3. James says:

    Great tool! Thanks Google
    -James with Foreclosure Data Bank

  4. Thanks! I’ve been looking for some new tools to use in tracking Central Virginia foreclosures. Keep up the great work!

  5. Wow, I never knew that you could do this on Google Maps. Especially for a service that many websites charge you an arm & a leg for, once again Google blows them all out of the water for offering this information for free. Bravo Google!!

    We Buy Houses in NJ

  6. Scratch that……apparently this feature has just recently been discontinued. :(

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