Latest Commonwealth thanks RPAC contributors

You may have noticed that this issue of Commonwealth has more than one cover. If you invested in RPAC in 2010, yours offers “Thanks for everything.” (If you invested $99 or more it has a gold border to boot.)

And if you didn’t invest? Let’s just say the cover image isn’t quite as friendly. If you didn’t contribute in 2010, we included a handy envelope to get you started in 2011. For brokers, we even threw in a poster for the office.

Why invest? RPAC is the key to VAR’s lobbying efforts at the General Assembly. It helps VAR ensure that the legislation we put forward on your behalf gets in front of legislators who think like we do: with Realtor® and property owner interests at heart. It’s as simple as that. Investing in RPAC shows legislators that Realtors® care about the Virginia real estate market and home- and property owners’ rights, and that we are watching the decisions they make. And that clout may be in doubt.

Still not sure if you can afford it? Watch the video below and learn how even a nickel a day can be the best investment you make for your business all year long.

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