Our spam filter has been a bit aggressive of late, mostly as a response to smarter spammers — they post comments that almost seem to fit the subject and so make it through.


A few legit comments got caught and are now up. Apologies if you were one of them.

Commenter’s URLs will no longer appear with their comments (either as text or as a link). This way spam can get through, but it will be useless to the spammers. I won’t have to rush to delete things.

New policy: No links to your site in comment text, unless it’s a specific thing — for example, “I wrote about this last month, click here to see the post” or “I found a similar resource at example.com.” Any post with a link in it will automatically be held for approval. Otherwise I will either remove the link when I approve it, or just not approve it at all.

Hopefully that will smooth things. If not, I may have to go to a CAPTCHA system which I loathe.