Rent vs buy — Trulia has the figures

Trulia’s Q1 Rent vs. Buy Index shows what areas of the country it makes more financial sense to rent, and what areas buying is your better bet.

There’s a (limited) interactive map available, as well as a full list of the rent/buy numbers for the 50 largest U.S. cities.


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2 Responses to Rent vs buy — Trulia has the figures

  1. David Hood says:

    The numbers seem to be indicating if you lost your home and have to rent, you would be better off is you where renting in certain areas. How about those people that instead of using their homes as an ATM and paid off their mortgages. How does that factor into these numbers?

  2. Bev Witherington says:

    I am one of those people that paid off my mortgage rather than keep fighting to try to re-finance or get a reduction from Chase Bank from my 7 1/4 % interest rate. My credit score
    was 850 but because I showed a business loss on my tax returns, I could not qualify for a re-finance even though I had enough cash to pay the home off as well as plenty of other retirement assets. I bought 10 homes in 10 years with 20% down and no-doc loans and
    never defaulted or missed a payment on any of them and now can no longer get a loan. This
    is totally stupid. The banks and the government should look at the individual and not the masses. In the end, Chase lost a good customer and 7 1/4% interest. (or 5% if they would
    have re-financed). Now they get nothing and I get the 7 1/4%.

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