Upcoming vacancy on VREB

If you’re an experienced and serious Realtor interested in serving on the Virginia Real Estate Board, a vacancy is becoming available. The governor is expected to fill it before June 30, 2011, and VAR will make recommendations.

This is not a figurehead position, and it carries a great deal of responsibility — and work.

If you are interested in serving on VREB and would like to seek VAR’s endorsement, you must submit a letter of interest to VAR’s VP of Law & Policy, Jay DeBoer here at VAR. The deadline is 11:59 p.m., March 30, 2011. You can also contact Jay if you have questions.

More details on the process from our policy manual are available after the jump:

FROM THE VAR POLICY MANUAL (rev. 11-18-2010)

3.20. Regulatory Appointments. It is the policy of the Association to make recommendations to the governor for appointments to real estate related regulatory agencies. We recognize the political nature of such appointments and take seriously the need to handle the identification of appointee prospects and the resulting recommendations with great political sensitivity. VAR also recognizes the importance of appointing persons who are committed to the rule of law and due process, and who will act only within the scope of their regulatory and legal authority. VAR will conduct interviews with candidates for appointment and take such other steps as are appropriate to secure assurances that candidates share these views.

3.20A. Process. The process for making recommendations shall be as follows: VAR staff shall actively solicit member and local association input prior to the expiration of terms on regulatory boards or commissions of the Commonwealth. When there is an expiring term or vacancy on a real estate or property rights related board or commission, it shall be the policy of VAR to recommend to the Governor at least one name for each vacancy. The Leadership Team shall interview potential candidates. Following the interviews, the Leadership Team shall determine a final list of nominees to recommend to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall ratify the list before it is submitted to the Governor. (7/30/08)

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