NAR announces Realtor Party Political Survival Initiative

As you may know by now, NAR recently rolled out plans for a proposal called “the REALTOR® Party Political Survival Initiative.” In the wake of a recent Supreme Court ruling that will allow corporations to contribute unlimited funds into the political system, the NAR initiative is intended to maintain and cement REALTORS®’ place among the most influential advocacy groups in America.

The initiative is a two-year $80 million campaign through which more than 50% of the NAR budget would be allocated to political advocacy (which members consistently rank as the #1 benefit they receive for their NAR dues); two-thirds of those funds would be returned back to state and local REALTOR® associations to support local and state candidates, issue campaigns, and other local and state political advocacy efforts. The initiative would be funded by a dues increase.

In these difficult economic times, the proposed dues increase is proving to be a controversial funding mechanism for the initiative. At the same time, our profession is clearly confronting monumental issues — from the mortgage interest deduction to Fannie-Freddie reform to mortgage lending processes and credit availability — that clearly have impact on your ability to make a living in real estate.  Vigilance and well-funded political advocacy efforts are NAR’s best tools for defending your business as Congress debates these issues.

That’s why we encourage you to withhold judgment on the initiative until you read and hear about the benefits and rationale for the initiative. You can find more information HERE. In addition, NAR has scheduled an online town hall to explain the Political Survival Initiative. That town hall is scheduled for April 13, with more details soon to come from NAR.

The proposal will be considered by the NAR Board of Directors at the Midyear Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo in mid-May in Washington, DC. In the meantime, if you’d like to offer input about the initiative, you’ll find a feedback tool HERE.

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