NAR debuts Realtor Content Resource — prizes, marketing tools, more

So you want to show your clients that when it comes to real estate, you’re the expert? Hint: Posting your listings to your Web page or Facebook account isn’t going to impress them. NAR hopes it has a better idea: the Realtor Content Resource.

Simply put, it’s a way to get great content that you can share with your clients however you want to — print, e-mail, Facebook post, your blog, whatever. The content comes from HouseLogic, NAR’s consumer site, and it’s written by journalists and other experts who know their stuff and know how to write about it.

Think of it as an ever-growing library of useful articles that you can use, gratis, to help your clients or simply to show them that you know your stuff too.

A good website (or Facebook page, or blog) is about content. If it’s not interesting, you won’t get people coming back or caring what you have to say.

Here’s an off-the-cuff sample of some of the articles you can grab:

  • Should You Move or Remodel?
  • Cleaning House: Secrets of a Truly Deep Clean
  • Contractor Liability: Are You Covered for Mishaps on Your Property?
  • Recasting Your Mortgage: Refinancing’s Forgotten Sibling

And how about this: To convince you to at least check out the RCR, when you sign in, you can enter a drawing to win $150 Visa gift cards (weekly) or an Apple iPad (monthly).

Free content, good content, and a chance at some cash money or an iPad. Whatcha waiting for?

About Andrew Kantor

Andrew is VAR's editor and information manager, and -- lessee now -- a former reporter for the Roanoke Times, former technology columnist for USA Today, and a former magazine editor for a bunch of places. He hails from New York with stops in Connecticut, New Jersey, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Roanoke.
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