Every real estate market is different; this one has brought more pre-offer inspections than I have ever seen (in part because I’m more comfortable suggesting them to my buyer clients).

1 – Allows for an As-Is Sale

2 – Removes one phase of negotiations from the process.

3 – Allows for fewer emotions clogging the negotiating process. The home inspection negotiation is often the most emotional, vindictive, painful, and difficult part of the negotiation; a pre-offer inspection removes  this element.

4 – It’s cleaner, procedurally.


- Even in this market, homes are selling; some are selling with multiple offers and buyers can lose properties if they opt for the pre-offer inspection path

- Some sellers don’t want to allow these; they want assurances that a buyer is really committed before allowing a home inspection.

As with every question and answer in real estate, whether a pre-offer inspection is right for you is dependent on the situation. One must evaluate all factors involved, some of which are the buyers, the sellers, the buyers’ agent, the sellers’ agent, the respective companies, the days on market, market activity to name a few …

Originally posted at RealCentralVA.com.