Real estate Web sites: Who’s hot?

Which real estate websites were the big guns? Experian — which sampled (it claims) 10 million users — has the answer, at least for March.

Topping the list, NAR’s (let’s hear it for the home team), followed by Yahoo Real Estate, with Zillow coming in third. Nothing surprising there.

So let’s get to the fun stuff.

Anyone remember America Online? (For you kids out there it was the Facebook of the late 1990s.) But AOL isn’t dead yet — it’s real estate section,, popped into the top-ten ranking at number 6.

Zillow may be #3 on the list, but it’s trending up… fast. Its visits were up 53% over last March, while overall real estate site visits remained about the same.

So what were people searching for? No surprises at first — "" was the top search term, followed by "zillow" and "remax." Few surprises in that list of the top 30 searches: phrases like "apartments for rent" or "keller williams," although the folks in Houston must be doing something right. Searches for "har" and "" were on the list; that’s the Houston Association of Realtors®.

Want to read the full report? Head over to Experian Hitwise Industry Reports.

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One Response to Real estate Web sites: Who’s hot?

  1. Doug Francis says:

    Hardy, har har! (I’m sure I wasn’t the first one to think of that)

    I believe that people are searching by phrases and not individual keywords based on my unofficial test results using the Lijit Plug-in ( ) which anyone with a WordPress blog should at least test out.

    As a RE/MAX guy myself, I don’t even begin to use that “search term” in every blog post because it would be a futile effort. But a blog post on the hip coffee shop near the (insert town here) train/Metro station will probably rank high and help your rankings.

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