You may have noticed that the weather is getting a bit, shall we say, friskier in the last few years. Thousands of homeowners have been devastated by flooding, and it’s only going to get worse.

And Congress is considering re-authorizing the National Flood Insurance Program. Considering.

That’s why there’s a new Call for Action for Realtors: Please take a minute to write or call your representative to let him or her know how important the program is. It’s more than about helping people recover from a disaster. Without flood insurance, many lenders won’t offer mortgages, and the NFIP is the only way to get it. No flood insurance and in more than 21,000 communities the real estate market will grind to a halt.

The Realtor Action Center is all set to make it easy to send that note. So stop reading and go there. Let’s flood Congress with letters. (Ha ha.)