Fannie Mae: ‘Sell to owner occupants’ (here’s an incentive)

imageFannie Mae wants Realtors selling REOs on its behalf to sell them to people who are going to live there, and it’s putting up hard cash as an incentive.

According to Housing Wire, the government-sponsored enterprise will pay agents $1,200 each time they sell an REO. This is in addition to the current incentive of up to 3.5% off buyer closing cost per property.

More information and the ever-important details will soon be on Fannie Mae’s HomePath website.

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  1. We are all for that incentive…knowing there is so much REO inventory in DC, we look forward to seeing some of it shake loose…we also know that sales for Realtors mean work for firms like ours, and others in the construction industry. We are hopeful for the future!

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