Prince William REALTORS® Rally to Richmond for RPAC

Prince William REALTORS® made a trek to Richmond today for a legislative briefing at the VAR headquarters and to promote RPAC. PWAR members rode motorcycles, convertibles, and piled into a PWAR minivan for the trip, and were even accompanied by a police escort. All attendees have invested at least $99 in RPAC this year…click here to make your contribution today and start protecting your business! (All contributions are credited through your local association.)

Forrest Odend'hal

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3 Responses to Prince William REALTORS® Rally to Richmond for RPAC

  1. Dawn M. West says:

    O.K… : “Love the tee-shirt: If you can read this, my Realtor fell off! A must have”. Call me @ 757-374-2774 Dawn M. West, Realtor in Norfolk, Va. “God Bless all of you for your ride today”! I will proudly wear this shirt to all my visits to the State & National.., Capitals.

  2. Brian Block says:

    Great Job! Looks like a fun event and happy to see some photos of some of my REALTOR friends who participated.

  3. Adri says:

    It was a fun and great event! Thank you everyone!

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