Urgent: NAR Call for Action

imageWe need you to act — it will only take a moment, and yes, you will make a difference.

Here’s the deal: Congress is considering changes, limitations, and even the removal of the mortgage interest deduction. We need every Virginia representative to hear from as many people as possible that this is a Very Bad Idea.

NAR sent out personalized e-mails to every member, with a link that will take you to a Web page with a simple form already filled in for you. One click and it goes to your congressman/woman.

If you don’t have that e-mail, no worries: Just click here to go to the Realtor Action Center.

Hey, it’s worth the two minutes it’ll take you to send a message.

Of course, an even better thing to do is call your representative and tell the assistant who answers the phone "I’m a constituent of Representative Jones, and I just want to register my opinion on an issue. Please tell her I hope she doesn’t touch the mortgage interest deduction." Period; no spiel required. (You might be asked for your name and address to verify you’re in her district.)

Finally, here’s a great 90-second video from NAR President-Elect Moe Veissi:

It’s actually one of the better CfA videos you’ll see.


OK, stop reading and watching. Go help your business.

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