The California Association of Realtors’ vision of a statewide MLS is a big step closer, now that two MLSs there have agreed to merge, forming the largest in the country.

On one side, the California Regional Multiple Listing Service (35,000 participants), which was formed in 2010 in a merger between CAR’s own calREDD MLS and nearby Multi-Regional Multiple Listing Service (MRMLS).

On the other side, and just down the road, the Anaheim-based SoCalMLS (33,000+ participants).

The new, combined MLS will use the CRMLS name, and will be 70% larger than MRIS — currently the largest in the country.

If you’re not familiar with California geography, all this is taking place down south, around the Los Angeles area. So as Rob Hahn of 7DS Associates points out, “The other smaller MLS’s in the southern California market have got to be thinking about what this means. Either join the parade, or possibly get steamrolled. Northern California — which boasts a couple of very large MLS’s as well — should be taking a very hard look indeed at consolidation.”



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