Got rentals?

In the wake of Hurricane Irene, some Virginians have been displaced and are seeking temporary shelter. The Governor’s office has reached out and asked that Virginia Realtors® help to identify rental properties to assist those displaced by Irene.

The Virginia Housing Development Authority runs a database/search site for rentals, If you have rental properties, we ask that you consider listing them there. Adding and monitoring your listings on this site is easy (register, add properties, access reports on searches and views). It’s good for business (listings are free), and it helps populate a public resource that can and will assist your fellow Virginians.

Although Hurricane Irene’s impact wasn’t as big as expected, there are still plenty of people in Virginia who have lost their homes. They’ll need a place to stay, and we want to make sure Virginia Realtors® are a source of housing for them and any homeowners displaced in future storms.

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