Disclosures: Episode 2 of the Legal Hotline Q&A

Now available: Episode 2 of the Legal Hotline Q&A with Blake Hegeman. The topic? Disclosures, which is another frequent topic of conversation on the VAR Broker Legal Hotline. In this second video, Blake addresses questions like

  • What are my disclosure obligations to clients and customers?
  • What is an emptors caveat?
  • What is a material adverse fact?
  • What about POAs, LBPs, RPDs and other mish mash?
  • and much more…

Keep in mind that the video content is meant for VAR members only, so you’ll need to be logged into the VAR website to view them and all of the legal content on VAR’s website. CLICK HERE to watch Episode 2: Disclosures.

And stay tuned to the VAR Legal Videos page for updates, new additions, and more from VAR’s top-notch legal team.

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