For our year-end issue, we’re compiling a list of ideas for Realtors — and that is intentionally vague. We’re looking for anything that might not be obvious, from product types to try, to strategies to use, to things to avoid.

It can be related to marketing, staging, pricing, who to talk with, what to use… whatever.

We’re going to have three main categories: DO, DON’T, and KNOW. So we need ideas like “Do make sure you have your congressmen’s, senators, and state reps’ contact information” or “Don’t use a business card with a picture from the ’80s,” and “Know the names of your local media people.”

Please, send me your ideas. They don’t have to be detailed at all — any general tidbit that you think a Realtor should know. I’d rather have too many ideas than too few.

Thank you!