“Haunted Houses”

Calling Realtors:
I have a press inquiry asking if we are aware of any houses in Virginia for sale that are “haunted” or may have a legend/ghost story attached. If you or another Realtor you know are currently aware of any spooky” houses on market right now please contact me with a brief description. stacey@varealtor.com
‘Tis the season!

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  1. Nancy Page says:

    Although not a typical ‘residence’ my listing at 6226 University Park Dr, Radford was at one time. St. Albans was built in 1892 as a boys home. Dr. John King (previously the superintendent of the Southwestern Lunatic Asylum) purchased the property in 1916 and opened up St. Albans Sanatorium for the treatment of the mentally ill. Right now the property hosts haunted houses each weekend through the month and hundreds line up for the opportunity. Since listing the property, paranormal groups regularly contact me for tours and ‘investigations’. A national ghost hunters show hosted an event a few months ago and people from as far as California, Florida, Pennsylvinia and even a couple from Texas celebrating their honeymoon came for that event. I am constantly called for permission to tour the property or to set up events for ‘investigations’. Their accounting of experiences are astonishing to listen to. It is an odd property and I personally haven’t felt creepy showing it but some agents here at the office have felt very uncomfortable in certain rooms (I believe it was the rooms that electro shock therapy was given); and others refuse to even enter the building to tour it. Is the property popular? Wildly huge would be the response. The Radford University Rugby team always pitches in for the building grounds clean up and maintenance and other departments at the University and other organizations are always interested in coming in. I was never aware that there were so many paranormal groups in Virginia, but I am now. Is it haunted – I am assured that it is by these people that know much more than I want to about such things. Personally, I just don’t go alone with I show it, why take chances, right?

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