Pink and Blue: Trulia looks at gender in listings

Check this out:


It’s a map (courtesy Trulia) showing which states have more female real estate agents (pink) and which have more male agents (blue — in theory). Yep, in every state there are not just more female agents, but at least 25% more.

But then things change. Trulia looked at how many homes agents were listing, and broke that out by gender too:

Rhode Island is dark blue, even if you can't see it

So it seems that in some states (we’re looking at you, Dakotas and Rhode Island), men list a lot more property than women, while in others (hello, Mississippi, Nebraska, Wyoming) women list a lot more.

And finally Trulia’s data wranglers looked at listing price by gender — who was selling the more expensive properties:

Alaska stands out a bit, huh?

Alaska, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico — that’s where men had the higher average list price. And that’s it. Everywhere else the women were ahead, price-wise, or it was too close to call. (And that includes Virginia, where the average price of a property sold by a woman was 15-24% higher than one sold by a man.)

What does all this mean? Who knows. Think of it as data-driven water cooler conversation.

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