VHDA scoops up four awards for housing efforts

Every year, the National Council of State Housing Agencies gives a series of awards to the state agencies that have done the most to promote and protect affordable housing. In 2011, the Virginia Housing Development Authority took home four of the 17 awards. Check it out, yo:

  • vhda_awards2State Campaign: For working with the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development to support the governor’s goal of developing a statewide housing policy framework, and for developing that framework.

    At the request of the governor’s housing commission, “VHDA played a lead role in convening a cross-section of housing industry partners, state, federal and local government representatives, and affordable housing stakeholders to craft a state Housing Policy Framework.”

    Part of that was the creation of the Virginia Foreclosure Task Force, which includes VAR Past President John Powell (who was named the state’s Realtor of the Year).

  • Management Innovation: For its Succession Management Program and Succession Planning Model, which helps the agency prepare for retirements and other staff changes. The programs include professional development, succession management, change management, and employee engagement.
  • Creative Media: For its “Retro-Flashback” posters and marketing material used at the REal Show in 2010 — VAR’s annual convention and expo. Fitting in with the show’s “decades” theme, VHDA used 1970s icons to promote the organization’s FHA-Plus mortgages.
  • Housing for Persons with Special Needs: For its Microboard Financing Program, which offers low-interest loans to people with disabilities, and allows them to create corporations to hold title to their homes. This reduces their financial and liability concerns, and provides stability if family members die or cannot support them.
  • Congrats to our friends at the VHDA!

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