NAR Call to Action — loan-limits debate happening this week

This week Congress is deliberating the appropriations bill that includes restoring the higher loan limits on government-guaranteed loans. (Those limits were dropped on Oct. 1, and we’ve been fighting to have them restored.)

NAR has set up a “Click to Call” site that makes it incredibly easy to contact your Congressmen. It takes about 30 seconds — you simply tell the aide who answers that you’re a constituent, a Realtor, that you’re concerned about people being able to get mortgages, and that you want your representative to restore the higher loan limits.

They get calls like this continuously, and Congressmen get reports from their staff about what constituents are saying. We want them to hear “We’ve been getting calls from Realtors all day about loan limits.”

A conversation might go like this:

“Hi, I’m a constituent of Representative Smith here in Anytown, and I wanted to express a position on an issue.”

[You might be asked for your name and address to verify what district you’re in.]

“I’m a Realtor, and I work with home buyers all the time. We need to protect the housing market, and we have to remove as many roadblocks as possible so people can get mortgages. So I hope the Congressman will support raising the FHA loan limits — it’s part of the appropriations bill.”

That’s it. Quick and simple. You don’t need to go into a lengthy discussion. In 15 seconds you can make it clear who you are and what you want your representative to do. Your vote position will be recorded and passed along, and yes, it will make a difference.

nav_red_arrow.gif Please call your Representative’s office to ask that they support the restoration of the loan limits in the Appropriations Bill.

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