Realtors win big in 2011 elections

Let’s put it this way: We won. Big. All but two of VAR’s candidates in key 2011 races were victorious — one of the highest (if not the highest) success rates we’ve ever seen.

That, dear Realtors, is the power of RPAC.

Your investment paid off with a state legislature that is going to be overwhelmingly friendly toward the real estate industry and property rights. RPAC didn’t just donate money; on behalf of our candidates it sent direct mail, ran phone banks, placed banner ads, and more. And yes, all that support made a difference in the individual races, and in the legislature as a whole.

Thanks to that effort, when we go to the Assembly we’re well received — doors are opened and our positions are heard. And that helps ensures a healthier real estate market for everyone.

So thank you for voting, and for investing in RPAC and your business. Now, throughout the year, we’ll show you how that investment is going to continue to pay off.

(Want more details? Check out for a list of RPAC-endorsed candidates who won last week.)

About Andrew Kantor

Andrew is VAR's editor and information manager, and -- lessee now -- a former reporter for the Roanoke Times, former technology columnist for USA Today, and a former magazine editor for a bunch of places. He hails from New York with stops in Connecticut, New Jersey, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Roanoke.
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