A budget proposal in the U.S. Senate would “bring about the lowest funding level in a decade to the Department of Housing and Urban Development” as the folks at HOME Virginia put it. Among other things, that would mean cuts to HUD’s Housing Choice voucher program, which helps thousands of low-income families (about 42,000 in Virginia) afford their homes.

Currently, more than 100,000 low-income Virginia families rely on programs set up by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to access affordable housing. Out of the Virginia families that rely on the government to afford housing, 90% of them are headed by individuals who are elderly, disabled, or have children.

The benefits of helping people stay in their homes is obvious: Besides simply being the right thing to do, when families can worry less about paying for necessities, they end up contributing more to the economy in the long term, by getting a better education and better jobs.

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