Thoughts on typos and what they relly mean (Get it?)

Ran across this post on Agent Genius today about MLS bloopers, and it made me smile:

  • “Many privat school in neihborhood” (Have you considered enrolling?)
  • “Nice butt needs work”
  • “No shuwings until open”

We here at VAR are certainly not above typos, they happen to anyone and everyone. I am, personally, the queen of missing typos and hitting “Send”. It’s especially nerve-wracking when that “Send” is blasting out to more than 30,000 Realtor® members, hundreds of legislators, or even hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the state. In a professional setting, it is imperative to take the extra time to present your [news story, listing, advertisement] in the best possible light with your audience, which means, first and foremost, no typos or screaming grammatical errors.

But these mistakes are inevitable, which is the reason I rely on some great folks [Gini “Eagel Eye” Bonnell, Tracey “there’s an a.m.–p.m. problem in this schedule” Floridia, Lili “you need loads more detail here” Paulk, among others] here at VAR to help me with my sub-optimal proofreading skills. These gals make themselves available to us here in the marketing department, and for that we salute you. You make us all look better.

So, with Thanksgiving before us, I want to take time to thank the people whose skills complement mine and help me end up with a better product, whose efforts make the whole of what we do here work. Because typos just mean we’re human, and that we need the support of our co-workers, our friends, and our family to get us to 100%. Happy Thanksgiving!

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