U.S. foreclosures way down — or up — in October

According to RealtyTrac, October foreclosures in the country were down 31 percent from last year, but up seven percent from September. So you can spin the story whichever way you like:



Normally, year-over-year figures are the important ones, but the whole robo-signing fiasco — and the moratorium it begot — throws everything out of whack. Are foreclosures down because banks are just starting to ramp up their proceedings again? Or were they artificially up in 2010 because of falsified paperwork? [insert shrug here]

Here are a couple of interactive charts from RealtyTrac showing what’s up in the Old Dominion:

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2 Responses to U.S. foreclosures way down — or up — in October

  1. Brian Block says:

    Goes to show you can spin statistics to fit your story, right?

  2. Four out of five dentists say so, Brian!

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