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I have received a press inquiry (see below for details) and hope you could send me an email if your experience could help this reporter. I’m guessing those of you located in NOVA and VA Beach regions will be very familiar with military situations such as this:

I’m writing on saving for retirement, taxes, deployment, special benefits, etc., smart home-buying strategies for servicemembers, which is a particularly challenging issue for members of the military who have to move frequently and often with little notice. Since there are so many members of the military in Virginia, I wonder if any of your members might be able to talk with me about some of the special issues that military members have to deal with when buying and selling homes, and any special resources that might help, info about how the VA loan compares to other loans right now, etc. And I know that many members of the military end up renting out their houses after they move to a new area, sometimes to other members of the military — I wonder if any of them might have a client in the military who is renting out a house in their former location, before they had to move for the military, and could talk with me about some of the financial issues they had to consider when becoming a landlord. I’d really love to talk with a Realtor and to their client who has done this. If anyone springs to mind, please let me know!

Please reply to Stacey at

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  1. Bob Jurgensen says:

    Feel free to give me a call – I think I can respond to most of your questions… I have been an associate broker for over 22 years and licensed for nearly 28 years and deal with military often since we live and work near Quantico.


    Bob Jurgensen
    Weichert, Realtors
    Manassas, VA 20109

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