NAR touts commercial victories in 2011

As the end-of-year wrapups continue, NAR has one celebrating its major victories for the commercial market.

Here’s the short version:

The National Flood Insurance Program didn’t lapse, and NAR is continuing to press for a long-term (five-year) extension.

FHA loan limits were extended, and remain at 125% of median local home prices. “While that doesn’t impact commercial real estate directly, our industry depends on a thriving workforce and housing market, so this is an issue that all commercial practitioners will benefit from,” said NAR treasurer Bill Armstrong.

The House began hearings on the NAR-supported Credit Union Member Business Lending Bill. It would raise the cap on what credit unions could lend to their business members from 12.15% to 27.5% of total assets (for well-capitalized credit unions). Result: More capital for small businesses in commercial buildings.

The Small Business Administration, with NAR’s support, created a new commercial refinance program that allows small businesses to refinance certain owner-occupied commercial real estate loans. Originally it would only cover CRE mortgages maturing by end of 2012, but NAR pushed for — and won — an extension for at least some of those loans.

You can read more at The Source, or listen to Bill Armstrong’s audio on the issues.

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