Tech note: Blackberry continues its fall, Android continues to dominate

Blackberry’s market share dropped 59% from a year ago, according to the latest figures from NPD.

Android phones now account for about 53% of the smartphone market, with iOS (iPhone and iPad) taking 29% and Blackberry accounting for 10%. The remainder is made up of Windows phones (5%), Nokia, and old HP devices.

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2 Responses to Tech note: Blackberry continues its fall, Android continues to dominate

  1. Steve Martin says:

    I would suggest to be careful in interpreting these numbers. The demographics are far different for Android devices and iOS devices. The Android devices appeal mostly to two groups: a small percentage of tech savvy users, and a large percentage of folks who do not know much about smartphones when the walk into a retailer and are sold on Android because it is “just like an iPhone”. They are in for a big shock.
    Also, the Android app ecosystem is plagued with problems from uncurated apps that cause problems for end users. In the iOS store, an end user can trust 99.9% of the apps purchased. They will work as advertised, and will not steal your personal data.
    Because of the vast difference in ease of development for iOS over the Android OS, developers are usually developing for the iOS first. If it is a hit there, then they consider making a version for the Android OS.
    Picking a phone or tablet is a very personal decision usually based to a large degree on price. For those using these devices for business, as I am as a Realtor®, you would be well advised to talk with other agents to find out what system works best to GET THINGS DONE easily. Another great resource for Android and iOS news is this site. http://www.techsavvyagent .com .
    Good luck! It is a great adventure!

  2. I’m not sure why I shouldn’t trust the numbers based on what you said. What does the reasons for buying have to do with the numbers?

    Further, what makes you think those are the reasons for people buying Android devices? The folks I know with Android phones bought them based on features, prices, etc. I realize you might prefer iOS for your own reasons, but to say that the only people who buy other brands are either geeks or fools seems a bit much, no?

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