So you’ve got your standard house that we all know and love: Bricks, wooden frame, the usual. And you’ve got your mobile home (hint: check for wheels). But there are a bunch of other species of the American homestead, and Arlington Realtor/blogger Genevieve Concannon wants to be sure you know the difference.

Quiz: What kind of building technique is this? Ergo, she’s posted a nice primer over on AG Beat. (The title doesn’t quite capture the spirit, though: “Sustainable homes now mainstream: know the differences“. I would have gone with “North American Field Guide to Alternative Construction,” but that’s me.)

Do you know the difference between homes built with Insulated Concrete Forms vs. Structural Insulated Panels? Or what an Erdhaus is? How ’bout a passive home? [Insert obvious joke here.]

Might be worth checking out her post to get a quick idea of what else is out there.

Click here to do just that.