Thankfully, a fire destroyed our kitchen. Well, before it was ours. A few months before my wife and I saw and put an offer on our house, the previous owner had a major kitchen fire. (They left the stove on during a blackout. When the power came on, poof!)

Bad for them, good for us. The house was on the market at the time, and their Realtor gave them good advice: Make that kitchen nice so people like the Kantors will like it. They did, we did, and that’s that.

Remodeling or refreshing a kitchen is a great way to improve a house. (You know this.) But the cost can be daunting. Money magazine has a short piece on how to get a better bid on a remodeling project.

It also links to a previous article with tips on remodeling to make a home feel larger. (I assume mirrors are involved.)