A Florida broker offers to put FSBO listings on Realtor.com. Fine, whatever — not our favorite practice but it’s still legal.

But when that broker starts advertising like this…

…NAR won’t take it anymore; it won a preliminary injunction in Federal court for deceptive advertising and trademark infringement.

Now John Fothergill and his companies (Listed On and Get Listed On) are prohibited from using the word Realtor in their ads and in any Web site names, which have included “listitonrealtor.com” and “listedonrealtor.com.”

NAR sez: “Defendants’ advertisements cause confusion, deception or mistake about the source and origin of the advertisements and make numerous false or misleading statements and representations.”

Fothergill sez: He’s going to fight the injunction by naming “1000+” other brokers that also use the phrase in their advertising.

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