Ikea and Ideabox are going to begin selling modular, pre-fab, fully furnished homes. Price: Under $100K.

Buying a home from a catalog isn’t a new idea — Sears used to sell “Sears Modern Homes” that way, and (according to Wikipedia, anyway) more than 70,000 were sold. And prefab isn’t unusual… well, not always. Thomas Edison tried to market pour-in-place concrete homes. Oddly enough the idea never took off.

But Ikea has a bit more panache than Sears, and the “Activ” home looks to be something worth bragging about. Heck, they come with Ikea furniture including Pax wardrobes, Abstrakt cabinets, and even Ikea’s Tundra maple flooring.

They’re also green — Energy Star appliances, water-saving toilets, modern materials, etc.

Size: About 745 square feet, so it’s more “bachelor pad” (or granny house) than homestead for the entire family.

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You gotta admit, it's pretty slick.