REALTOR® Rally: It’s time to stand up for housing

It’s time to stand up for your profession. It’s time to stand up for housing. It’s time to show the country that Realtors® are going to be heard.

On May 17, thousands of Realtors from across the country will converge on Washington D.C., in front of the Capitol, sending a message no one can misunderstand:

We are Realtors, we are strong, and we are here to protect the American Dream. We’ve had enough of nay-sayers, we’ve had enough of political gridlock, we’ve had enough of attacks on housing. And we’ve had enough of confusing bureaucracy and skittish lenders.

It’s time for Congress to step up to the plate and do its job — and that includes making a commitment to creating a stable housing market for the long term. It means ensuring that housing remains the fiber that binds together the fabric of America.

As one of the most influential states in the nation — not to mention being on D.C.’s doorstep, we need Virginia’s Realtors® there at the Realtors’ Rally to Protect and/or Reclaim Home Ownership.

Take a minute to sign up and commit to being part of history.

We’ll get you there. We’ll get you back. We’ll feed you. All we ask is that you show up, wearing your Realtor® pin on your lapel and your Realtor® pride on your sleeve.

Here’s what you need to know:

Everything you want to know about the rally is at

Whether or not you’re attending NAR’s Midyear Meetings (which are held at the same time), you need to register separately for the rally. That way NAR can be sure to have enough transportation and food for everyone.

NAR is working with VAR and your local associations to provide buses so everyone can get there. When you register, just indicate that you need transportation. We’ll take care of the rest.

If you’ll be attending NAR’s Midyear Meetings:

Pick up your Realtor® Rally materials at the hotel before you come to the rally.

You can either take an NAR bus from the standard pick-up zone at the hotel, or use the Metro Card NAR will include with your registration pack.

The Metro station is right across the street from the Marriott Wardman Park hotel; the NAR building is at Union Station. You should be there by 9:00, so plan for a bit of rush-hour crowding.

Breakfast will be served at the NAR building before the march to the rally. (Box lunches will be available at NAR afterwards, too.)

If you’re coming up just for the Realtor® Rally:

If you’re coming on a Realtor® Rally Ride bus, it will take you where you need to be. Easy peasy. You bus will come equipped with a captain who will tell you where to find the VAR delegation.

If you’re getting there on your own, plan to be at the NAR building at 9:00 AM. (Note: Remember that it’s rush hour!) Breakfast will be served before the two-block walk to the rally site.

Visit and stay tuned for continuous updates on this important event.

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