Interesting post by Jeff Brown over at Bloodhound Blog on social media and the real estate business. His point: All talk, not a lot of action.

“My years online have shown me widgets and SM [social media] pretty much add sales every now and again,” he says. “Agents don’t need shiny toys and Facebook to do that.”

And: “For years now, agents from coast to coast have paid good money to hear about widgets and SM ‘how to’, only to learn they can’t find one example of anyone who’s added 25 sales a year to their production.

Finally, he offers a challenge to the social media cheerleaders:

Here’s this year’s first challenge to all the masters of the online universe, and to those runnin’ the shiny toy department:

Is this the year you finally bring something to the table that beats anything OldSchool?

Click here to read the whole thing. Really interesting post, and a new blog on VARbuzz’s radar.