So ranked 200 jobs from best to worst, and real estate agent ranked #155, tied with office machine repairer.

Of the 154 or so jobs that are ranked better than being a real estate agent (based on “physical demands, work environment, income, stress, and hiring outlook”) are:

  • janitor (#151);
  • seaman (152);
  • retail salesperson (138);
  • sewage plant operator (114);
  • nuclear decontamination technician (115); and
  • vending machine repairer (88).

What’s worse than being a real estate agent?

  • highway patrol officer (157)
  • child care worker(159)
  • bartender (162)
  • conservationist (188)

And, because I know you’ll want to know, the worst job you can have… lumberjack. And the best? Software engineer.

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