Here’s a chance for you to get your opinions on foreclosures and the housing market to the governor’s ears.

John Powell — broker in Colonial Heights and past VAR president — is on the governor’s Foreclosure Task Force. And he would like to know, straight from Realtors’ mouths, the effects of foreclosure you’re seeing.

For example…

  • The impact of the foreclosure crisis on Virginia as a whole, on individual cities and counties, or on local communities
  • How foreclosures are affecting financial institutions
  • How housing markets — buyers, sellers, inventory, etc. are affected by foreclosures
  • How housing professionals — Realtors, builders, developers, etc. are affected by foreclosures

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The Foreclosure Task Force will take your suggestions into account, and begin gathering information that it will present — possibly with recommendations for action — at its September meeting.

It’s a quick and easy way to share your opinion and know that it can make a difference.