Make your own Realtor Rally protest sign!

Actual font will vary. Void where prohibited. In anticipation of the Realtor Rally to Protect the American Dream of Homeownership on May 17, NAR has created a make-your-own-sign tool, so you can help get the message out with the thousands of Realtors gathering around the Washington Monument.

(Yes, thousands. The rally had to be moved because the original location turned out to be too small based on the registrations.)

So when you’re at the rally, don’t just stand there — stand out! There are four templates to choose from. Just enter your message and e-mail address, and you’ll get a link to a printable version. You’re ready to be seen — just add a stick!

Head over to the Realtor Rally Tool and make yours now!

(All right, technically it’s not a protest sign. But that headline is more eye-catching.)

image image

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One Response to Make your own Realtor Rally protest sign!

  1. I’m assuming that “Protect the MID” is the mortgage interest deduction. However won’t some read that as “the middle class” and interpret that as a social policy support sign?

    Why not “I’m part of the 999,000”. Then we could all “Occupy Realtor”.

    I’ve always supported RPAC and been a defender of most of their initiatives, but this one seems a bit silly. Someone jumped the shark here.

    I’m not sure that the in-your-face tone of theses signs is the pathway that professionals should take. It does nothing more than underscore the perception of most consumers.

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