A Finnish company has a very cool classified-ad tool for Realtors, and hopefully it will make it to the States.

The premise of Hakema (Finnish for “Reply”) is simple: First, you tell the software when you’re available for appointments. Then, when you place a classified (print, online, whatever), you include a link to Hakema, which allows visitors to book some time with you immediately. When someone does, it fills in that spot on your calendar with all the relevant information.

You don’t have to worry about being interrupted at a bad time by someone who wants to make an appointment, and you know that you can’t be double-booked for a time slot. Both you an your (potential) client will receive confirmations and reminders, and if the property is sold you’ll both be alerted to that as well.

Unfortunately, Hakema isn’t available in the U.S. yet. Classified providers (e.g., newspapers, craigslist, etc.) need to sign up to offer it. But you can still check out the site to get information… and maybe see when it makes it over here.