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Real estate analyst Mark Hanson has an interesting and amusing post over at The Big Picture — “Most Common Things I Hear on Housing.” But it’s not meant to be a showcase of conventional wisdom as much as it’s his way of pointing out the rose-colored glasses so many people are wearing.

Here are some examples.

Realtors and loan officers:

  • “Affordability is at record highs” (at least to those that don’t already own a house they can’t sell and with the down payment, credit history and job needed for a mortgage loan).
  • “Investors are snapping up all the foreclosures and short sales and there are no more coming.”


  • “Foreclosures are going away.”
  • “The gov’t is going to give large investors bulk REO.”
  • “We have to buy now or we will be left out.”

First time buyers:

  • “House prices are at their lows.”
  • “Our Realtor and loan officer say that investors are snapping up all the low priced houses and we will get left out.”

Repeat buyers:

  • “I would love to take advantage of these low rates and house prices and finally move but nobody will buy my house for what it’s really worth. (Obviously, for most their house is the best on the block and it should be “worth” what it takes to pay off the first and second mortgage, pay a Realtor 6% and provide cash to put down on a new house).
  • “Our servicer would consider a short sale but we may not qualify and are concerned about ruining our credit.”


  • “This time it’s different.”
  • “We are really in recovery. All of our data tells us so.”

Wall St Analysts:

  • “The economy is expanding, jobs are growing and household formation will drive demand for years.”

Click here to read the whole thing.

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