BlueAnt V12 - LCD Bluetooth headset headsetSo my neighbor/friend was a-driving along, and for whatever reason was on her mobile. Thinking to be a bit safer, she popped one of those Bluetooth earpiece things in so she didn’t have to hold her phone and try to drive at the same time.

And she got pulled over and ticketed. Because, apparently, Virginia law says you can’t have an earpiece thingy in your ear while driving.

In other words, if she had one hand off the wheel and one on her phone, that would have been A-OK. But keeping both hands on the wheel? That’s a no-no.

Consider yourself warned.

(Note: I’m not a lawyer nor a cop. So maybe the guy who gave her the ticket didn’t know what he was talking about, and these things are legal. I’m just relaying the anecdote, which happened in the past coupla weeks. She paid her ticket.)