While consumers are seeing a half-full glass, commercial real estate investors and execs are less willing to say they’re confident in their slice of the economy.

According to the latest quarterly Sentiment Survey from the Real Estate Roundtable, while commercial real estate pros say things improved in the first quarter, they’re still nervous about some of the commercial mortgages that will mature in the coming year.

The confidence index — it’s now at 70 — means that there’s more positive feeling than negative, but that number is down from last year (although up from Q4 of 2011).

An interesting bit of good news is that REOs only make up about a third of commercial–mortgage backed securities delinquencies, and the number of those REO assets continues to climb.

Rather than being bad news for delinquency rates, according to Fitch, that increase in commercial REO assets will mean that overall delinquencies will go down: “We expect … that the current REO inventory will put downward pressure on the delinquency rate as it is liquidated.”